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Kraft and Company, PLLC offers a comprehensive range of tax planning, preparation and compliance services for business entities, individuals, estates, trusts and not for profit organizations.  Clients can expect personal service from our experienced tax professionals.  Our impressive retention rate allows us to build long term relationships with clients, taking time to understand their business and personal needs.  Our work is characterized by thorough knowledge of federal and state tax law coupled with intelligent and creative planning.  We take our role as your tax advisor very seriously. 


You will find that we do more than just collect information to prepare a tax return.  We dig deeper.  We ask thoughtful questions to ensure we have addressed all concerns and needs, from equipment purchases to retirement planning to estate preparation and everything in between.  We are responsive to our clients and tax services are delivered in a professional, approachable and friendly manner.

Our assurance services contribute significant value to the decision making process.

A comprehensive range of tax planning preparation and compliance services.

Helping our clients understand and attain their future objectives.


114 29th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

P:  615-244-3991

F:  615-244-0278




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