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Private Company Audits

An audit provides the highest level of assurance allowed by a CPA.  It includes examination of financial statements by our highly trained engagement team.  We take a collaborative approach to an audit, understanding that in today’s business climate you need more than validation of balances.  We look critically at operations and provide recommendations to improve internal controls and business processes.  Audits could be required by any of the following:

  • Financing Institutions

  • Licensing Boards

  • Prospective Offering

  • Industry Requirements

  • Internal Requirements


High rate of staff retention allows a personal relationship to develop with the team members performing the audit. Our goal is to maintain year round contact with audit clients and provide ongoing guidance.  Our work will be accomplished efficiently and with minimal disruption to day to day operations and adherence to deadlines.

Our assurance services contribute significant value to the decision making process.

A comprehensive range of tax planning preparation and compliance services.

Helping our clients understand and attain their future objectives.


114 29th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

P:  615-244-3991

F:  615-244-0278




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