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Benefit Plan Audits

Retirement plan audits are a complex and unique area.  Plans with over 125 participants are "required" by the Department of Labor and the IRS to have annual plan audits.  As reporting requirements for employee benefit plans increase, the selection of an experienced and reliable auditor becomes even more important.  A quality audit helps confirm the financial reliability of the plan and ensures necessary funds will be available for future benefits to employees.

Choosing an independent and qualified auditor is one of the most important Fiduciary responsibilities of a benefit plan.  We take the responsibility very seriously and will utilize our expertise to make certain the plan is operating in accordance with plan documents and amendments.  We realize plan operations are carried out by many internal departments’ and third party providers.  The Kraft and Company goal is to make the audit run smoothly.  Our benefit plan audit experience includes:

  • Limited scope

  • Full scope

  • Defined contribution plans

  • Profit sharing plans


Ability to retain staff encourages personal relationships and continuity from year to year.  Most will find our efficient process to be respectful of company operations and time.

Our assurance services contribute significant value to the decision making process.

A comprehensive range of tax planning preparation and compliance services.

Helping our clients understand and attain their future objectives.


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