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Individual tax clients include families, business owners, executives and professionals.  We focus on tax planning as well as compliance, knowing that despite the wide range of clients we serve, all endeavor to maximize tax savings.  We work to understand and support your business, your needs and personal goals.  Together, we create tax strategies that help clients reach their desired objectives.

Tax laws are continually changing.  Our staff of experienced tax professionals stays abreast of federal and state tax laws, so we can ensure accurate federal and state tax filings.  We prioritize communication throughout the year and strive to be proactive with tax planning and eliminate unexpected tax consequences. 


Tax services for individuals include:

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Tax consulting to meet personal and family goals

  • Retirement planning with tax-advantaged strategies

  • Annual tax projections and quarterly estimated tax payments

  • Preparation for changes in tax law


Kraft & Company, PLLC is known for delivering exceptional tax services and strategic support to our business clients.  We work with corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies to minimize tax liability and risk and to maximize cash flow.  We offer business tax services to numerous industries including but not limited to: real estate, health care, professional services, manufacturing, insurance and construction.   We are educated and up to date on federal and state tax laws and can help in making the most advantageous choices for your business.


We want clients to see us as a partner and teammate.  We aim to use our tax expertise to provide strategic tax planning for your business, be it a small business or a $100 million dollar business.  Allow us to provide you with solid advice, straight talk and innovative planning.  We provide a value that is more than just tax return preparation.

Our tax services for businesses include:

  • C Corp, S Corp and partnership returns

  • State filings and multi-state tax compliance

  • Sales, use, and property tax

  • Quarterly estimated tax calculations

  • Analysis of sophisticated tax transactions, buy-sell agreements and succession planning

  • IRS and state representation, including dispute resolution or private letter rulings

  • Entity selection and optimization

Our assurance services contribute significant value to the decision making process.

A comprehensive range of tax planning preparation and compliance services.

Helping our clients understand and attain their future objectives.


114 29th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

P:  615-244-3991

F:  615-244-0278




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