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HUD Audits

Not every CPA is qualified to conduct Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program audits.  HUD audits have specific audit, reporting and disclosure requirements and failure to comply can result in large penalties, increased overhead or even disqualification from HUD programs.  With the ever changing audit standards, it can become confusing to navigate. 

We stay current on all HUD standards to ensure that our expertise helps guide you through the financial reporting guidelines.  Our knowledgeable staff serving the housing and development market meets the standards of government (yellow book) auditing standards required to perform certain federal work. Our scope of HUD services includes:

  • Audit and accounting services for multi-family housing programs

  • Audit and accounting services for HUD mortgagors and mortgagees


We have served HUD-regulated clients in both the for-profit and the not-for-profit sectors.  Our commitment to understanding the intensely regulated environment allows us to handle any challenge a HUD audit may present.

Our assurance services contribute significant value to the decision making process.

A comprehensive range of tax planning preparation and compliance services.

Helping our clients understand and attain their future objectives.


114 29th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

P:  615-244-3991

F:  615-244-0278




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